I was born and raised in the suburbs of Connecticut and that’s where I reside right now! I'm 23 years old and I’m currently working in marketing for a corporate company in the capital of CT. I studied business marketing with a minor in communication at The University of Hartford and graduated in May 2019. My studies in marketing and communications has sparked my love for writing and connecting with others.

Curly hair care and self confidence was the initial reason why I wanted to start a blog. My whole life I have stood out because of my crazy curly hair. After years spent trying to fight the curls, I have learned to love my unique locks. With my blog I want to make sure all curly girls learn to LOVE their curls, but most importantly, I want all my readers to feel our very best and unapologetically ourselves.

In addition, I’ve been interested in diet and exercise for a few at least 5 years now. When I first started a social media platform besides my personal account, I was “fitness blogging” on Instagram. I blogged all about my weight loss journey in 2016/2017, when I lost 23 pounds, on my account called FitWithCloClo. In 2016, I started seeing a nutritionist because I was interested in learning more about mindful eating and healthier habits. In addition, my mother suffers from autoimmune diseases and I have psoriasis and eczema, which initially sparked my interests in wellness and health. So health was originally how I entered the social media blogging world. but it wasn’t until I started my curly hair and beauty focused blog on Blogspot that I actually started writing and blogging.

I started my own blog called Curls & Coco, mainly focused around curly hair, curly hair products, and beauty. As I started to get more involved in the blogging world, I felt it was time I could incorporate more of my interests into my curly hair blog - Thus, making it a lifestyle blog! I started creating posts about fashion for the modern woman who wants style but also comfort and ease, beauty and skincare routines, and a mix of lifestyle posts. I believe in effortlessly cool style and beauty that highlights our natural beauty and doesn’t force us to change who we are.

My lifestyle blog Simply Chloe Sarah was born in November 2018!

Today, I’m focused on self confidence and finding joy in living a meaningful lifestyle.

This blog is all about feeling our best and seeking happiness from the inside, out. SIMPLY, BEING OUR TRUE SELVES! I know that when I feel good within, it shows on the outside! Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and live their best life, which is what I want to do with this blog. I finally found an outlet where I can connect on a personal level with a community of like minded individuals. I can’t wait to connect with you.

xo, Chloe


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