Hello everyone! After much deliberation...I have FINALLY narrowed down my favorite conditioners, shampoo, leave-in's, and hair product of the moment. This changes like the seasons as I try new products. These wonderful products have been giving me great results as the winter is roughly approaching. I just started using some of these products and some are long time loves. As many of my fellow curly girls know, finding the perfect hair products is hard to do. Plus, taming the mane is even harder if you aren't using the right products. Just some background information, I can usually go through a normal sized bottle of conditioner in a week to a week and a half.  If you have very dry curls like me it's best not to shampoo more than 1 to 2 times a week. 

So let’s get started! 


L'Oréal Extraordinary Oil CURLS Nourishing Conditioner

- Just recently tried this after seeing it in the supermarket and I am so impressed! I condition my hair with this every time I shower and comb through my hair once it is pretty well lubricated in this conditioner. I love the slip it gives and the curls stay nourished and shiny! I suggest washing most of it out on from your scalp but leave it in on the middle to bottom of your hair if your hair is long like mine! 


L'Oréal Total Repair Extraordinary Oil

(For dry, coarse hair) - My post shower hair care routine follows the LOC method...meaning Leave-In Conditioner, Oil, and then Cream. This is another new product I love to use after I apply my leave-in conditioner, or I put a few pumps into my hand on top of the dollop of leave-in. This repairs split ends and damaged strands and I definitely notice that my dull sections look healthier and moisturized! 


L'Oréal Extraordinary Oil CURLS Nourishing Shampoo

- I have only been using this for 2 weeks so about two to three washes. I love that it doesn't strip my hair of GOOD oils and leaves it feeling very soft and not frizzy. I suggest this shampoo to anyone who has dry, damaged curls in the winter. My hair is prone to build up after using many different products, so I love that this gives my scalp a refreshed and lightweight feeling after a wash. I only wash my hair once or twice a week because it is so dry and very coarse. 


Cantu Shea Butter Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream 

 - My absolute favorite curl styling cream!! I have yet to find something that I keep coming back to other than this. My boyfriend actually introduced this to me because he has tight curls but they are long so he has to style them a little bit. It smells like coconuts, which I love. This keeps my curls looking amazing for the whole day, they feel soft and look super healthy! Definitely a signature favorite to my curl styling routine. 


Wen Cleansing Conditioner 

- If your curls are damaged, dull and stretched out like mine used to be then this is honestly a necessity. I did multiple relaxing/keratin treatments about 5-6 years ago because I wanted to be able to straighten my hair...bad idea. That left me with broken hair, stringy "curls" that just looked fried and unhappy. This conditioner is amazing because you can use it to cleanse as well, massage it into scalp for 2 minutes and rinse out. (Once or twice a week if your hair is dry!) Then while in the shower apply more to your hair and comb it through to condition! This helped my hair grow back faster and help the curls take their shape again in way less time than any other hair products have done for me. 


Cantu Leave-In Conditioner

- This product is pretty self explanatory, and I am a big Cantu fan. My curls are VERY thirsty and dry so a leave-in conditioner is very important for me. This helps protect the curls all day and keep their shape while looking bouncy and moisturized. 


Shea-Moisture Curl and Style Milk

- This product is great for anyone with loose, more manageable curls or people with thick, tight curls like myself. My sisters use this and they have softer waves and curls that they can easily straighten. I always have this around my shelves too because I like that it is less heavy than the Cantu cream can be so if I am looking for something easy that is all in one, this is the product for me! Since it is a "milk" it is looser and easy to work into curls, especially dry summer hair. And it smells great too! I usually just use this with some conditioner already left in from the shower if I am in a crunch for time. It is also a great product if you like to let your hair air dry. 

As for tools and styling I really only use two products! My life-line, the Ouidad Double Detangler wide tooth comb is honestly the best comb I have ever used. Yes, when I travel with friends or someone sees my comb in the bathroom they think it is some kind of weapon. It detangles the craziest of knots and has gotten me through many tough situations! I am a long time fan and customer of Ouidad curly hair products and curly cuts.

The other product is my DevaCurl DevaDryer and DevaFuser 

 which is a fantastic design and a very light weight dryer too. I travel with this everywhere and people are always intrigued by the interesting design. The diffuser is shaped almost like a hand and makes it so much easier to reach underneath my hair to the thick areas that dry the slowest! It also is a great way to diffuse curls without fussing and constantly flipping your hair around and causing frizz! I definitely suggest picking one of these DevaFusers up and trying it out for yourself! If you want to learn more about what the best hair dryer is for your hair type and needs then head over to this website for reviews on other hair dryers and find out more! My favorite DevaFuser is also listed plus many more fantastic options.


None of the companies mentioned paid me to feature their products in this post. All the products mentioned are based off of my opinions and experiences.