Getting Back On Track & Learning Balance

I have struggled with my weight, self-confidence, and BALANCE since I entered my early teenage years. I lived a pretty active lifestyle in high school, I played two team sports and exercised 3-5 times a week when I was in the off seasons. Clearly, the exercise part was never that hard for me. I actually LOVE working out and getting sweaty.

Let's take it back to August 2016...(Almost a year ago!) I found myself frustrated with how I felt about myself and how I looked. I decided to contact someone my mom had alot of success with in the past. Her name is Lori and she operates a company called Just Results...She teaches me the importance of eating right but not driving yourself insane. She also is somewhat of a trainer for me as well. We organize and plan workouts for me and figure out what works and what isn't working! She holds me accountable which is something I needed at that point in my life. I am VERY thankful for Lori and her plan. I lost about 20 pounds with her, but lately i've been fluctuating. I wanted to lose 10-15 more but it is the hardest thing i've done! My body is at its plateau phase right now, it's happy where I'm currently at but I know I am capable of much more! The only way to get there is staying focused and working hard. Which I struggle with almost every day...but it's hard to find that balance.

When I have found success with my fitness/health goals was within my diet and mental state of mind. When I eat well and stay on track, I feel 100% better about myself and my body feels the changes too! Here is what I do and what I try not to do to get myself back on track to looking great and feeling better…

DO: Set small goals 

At first, I would only focus on that "goal number"...until I realized, that shouldn't be my main focus. When that number was my focus I would become discouraged so quickly and give up. Set small goals like "today I am going to eat a healthy dinner and exercise for 30 mins". Or "I am going to try to jog 2 miles on the treadmill today".

DO: Follow a schedule

I found that when I decide and plan for what time I'm working out each day I am more likely to do it. Especially if you're a college student like myself, if you have class at 9:30 or 10:30, definitely try to fit your workout in before class. This is the best because after classes that day you don't have to worry about squeezing in an evening workout when the gym is packed. On top of getting work done and fitting in time to eat dinner. Get your workout clothes out the night before and all you have to do when you wake up is get dressed and maybe eat some fruit and drink some water before the gym!

DO: Plan your meals (as best you can!)

I like to do this just because I know what to shop for when I grocery shop each week and I can make sure I do my best to buy healthy foods. I use the app Lose It to track what I eat each day and it lets me see what nutrients I am taking in and what I need more of. This is great so I can make sure I am eating enough protein.

DON'T: Dwell on mistakes/bad days!

This one is easier said than done when we are all our own worst critics. It's so important to not beat yourself up over a bad meal or a lazy day. We need to rest and we need to learn and appreciate balance! Sometimes it's easier to just let sh*t go!

DON'T: Forget to LIVE

If you want a cupcake, let yourself have one! Just not every day. For me, it's ICE CREAM! I love ice cream, I could eat it every day. With healthier alternatives, like HaloTop ice cream, I am able to have a few scoops in the evening when watching Netflix. Or during the week if I've had a hard day I treat myself to a small cup of vanilla soft serve ice cream from McDonald's as my snack that afternoon! I obviously can't eat like that every day or else my body would be very unhappy. What i'm saying here is, if you go out to dinner with your friends once a week, DO IT! Have one fun drink and choose something healthy on the menu so you can still have fun with your friends and not feel the guilt. Or go to pizza every once in a while for dinner cause, um, who says no to pizza?!