My Favorite School Supplies For College Students

To start your semester off right, you gotta be prepared for success with the right supplies to keep you organized and get your work done as efficiently as possible! Most of these items I've been using and LOVING since I was in high school, I'm currently a senior in college so that's a pretty long time! 

  1. RSVP pens -- The best for those who write fast, like me, and want a precise, clean line that doesn't smudge!

  2. PaperMate Flair pens -- I've loved these for years!! I am always color coding my notes and my planner. These make it super easy and fun, and the lines are precise and pretty!

  3. Highlighters -- Necessary if you have lots of reading to do and enjoy colorful notes.

  4. Mechanical pencils -- These Papermate ones are by far my favorite since middle school, the grip is perfect and it writes so nicely!

  5. White Out EZ Correct Tape -- This is great to keep in your backpack because it's not messy and easy to white out things quickly. There is no drying time!

  6. Binder -- I like to have a binder for any classes that are heavy on notes, like my stats class, which goes in order of chapters. I use dividers to separate each chapter, putting each chapters notes and handouts in their assigned section so when it comes time to study, everything is easy to find!

  7. Folders -- Obviously if you need to stay organized, you need a folder! Especially if you have to hand in a paper, your professor will appreciate it not being crinkled from being stuffed into your backpack. I promise you.

  8. Notebooks -- I like to have a notebook designated for each course. This works best for me instead of trying to put 4 subject's notes into those 4 subject notebooks because I most likely will need more paper than what is given! Five Star notebooks are my favorite because they are really good quality and last the whole semester.

  9. Cute pencil case -- I love to have all my pen options and color coding abilities at my fingertips at all times in class! The one pictured is by Kate Spade. I couldn't find the exact one online but I linked a cute one!

  10. Headphones -- Beats by Dr. Dre are my favorite because they are stylish and the sound quality is great!

  11. MacBook -- I'm a huge Apple fan for my academic needs! A laptop will be extremely handy in college because you can do just about anything on it!

  12. Reusable water bottle -- Gotta stay hydrated, of course! Cut back on your plastic use by purchasing a cute reusable water bottle this year. The bottle I have pictured is from Swell.


Dont forget a cute planner and customized notebook! I bought these from Erin Condren and I’m obsessed! I always loved having a planner to organize all my homework for the week in. This one has plenty of writing space. I love Erin Condren’s products because almost everything is customizable! So of course I got my initials on my beautiful leather notebook I will be using for personal work like blogging and meal planning. The planner also can come with lots of cool inserts to keep you productive through the week! I bought the meal planning and grocery list one that is dry-erase so I can use it over and over!

Hope you have a fun and productive semester!

Disclaimer: I am NOT affiliated with any of these brands, they are not paying me to review or feature these products. These are my 100% honest reviews. All opinions are my own.