Favorite Drugstore Shampoos & Conditioners For Curly Hair

Although I love a good luxury haircare product, there are some amazing drugstore/low-priced, HIGH QUALITY shampoos and conditioners out there for us curly girls! I’ve had plenty of trial and error with shampoo and conditioners, basically from years of my mom buying whatever was on sale at the grocery store that was for curly or dry hair. I’ve narrowed down some of my favorites for my fellow curly girls!

drugstore shampoos conditioners


You may notice they are all sulfate free, for my hair type I’ve noticed that sulfate free shampoos are so much more gentle than a sulfate shampoo. The only difference you may notice is that they don’t lather as much! These three never strip my hair and make it more frizzy. I used to dread washing my hair because I knew the next day I’d have frizzy, weird textured hair from the shampoos I used to use! I will never go back to using regular shampoos.

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Mixed Chicks is a great brand with great products! My boyfriend uses these products on his hair, he has pretty tight curls (4a curl pattern) and loves them. So of course I tried this shampoo a few times and I’ve always been pleased with how my curls turn out when styling!

L’Oreal has really got it down with this sulfate free line of products. This shampoo is so gentle and very hydrating! I love the scent as well. These shampoos are great for anyone who has also been chemically treating your hair or getting it colored.

Garnier’s curl line has been around for a while, but these new orange bottled shampoo and conditioner are new on my radar. We had this shampoo in the shower at my parent’s house for a while because my siblings and I are all curly haired, I’m just a lot more curly! This is a very hydrating shampoo that doesn’t frizz up your hair after washing. It feels really luxurious too!


The Suave Professionals line is great! I’ve tried a bunch of their conditioners and shampoos from the gold-bottled line. I really like the coconut milk infusion conditioner because it smells fantastic but also has great slip for easy detangling. I usually leave a little in my hair when I get out of the shower for added moisture to my ends.

Aussie Moist is a classic for many curly girls because the price is great but the product is also fantastic. This is a similar consistency to the Suave product but, in my opinion, it gives way more
slip for finger or comb detangling! Love it!! They also have a three minute miracle deep conditioning product that I’d also recommend because it really does give life back to your curls.

TRESemme’s moisture rich luxurious conditioner is thick and creamy so it’s super hydrating! I’ve loved this for years and always go back to it when I don’t know what to buy at the store. Back when I used to straighten my hair and get Keratin straightening treatments I used to use this to revive my hair when I’d want to wear it natural that day.

(In order from lightest to thickest/heaviest, depending on your hair’s dryness and thickness)

Want to know my favorite drugstore curly hair styling products? Let me know! I’d be happy to round those up for you!