Top 5 Curly Hair Styling Products ALL UNDER $10

If you’re like me then you probably get reallyyy excited when you find a great hair product for not a lot of money. That’s why I’m sharing these products (that I love so much!!) with my fellow curly-haired friends, my curl-friends, because I want you to love those curls while also saving some $$$!

  1. L’Oreal EverCurl Sculpt & Hold Cream-Gel - $8.99

    OMG this stuff is so good!! I’ve actually just discovered this last month and I’ve already gone through one bottle and working on my second. This stuff really works on my curls, keeping them defined and soft all day. This doesnt leave my hair crunchy and stiff, I hate gels usually because of that reason!! But this is a “cream-gel” so it leaves your curls defined and soft to the touch!

  2. OGX Anti-Frizz Hydrating Kukui Oil Spray - $7.99

    A great hair oil that you don’t have to get your hands messy with! I always seal my hair with this oil when I’m done applying my products. I also refresh curls with this when they are looking very dry and frizzy. Plus, this gives your hair a beautiful shine!

  3. Carol’s Daughter Black Vanilla Combing Creme - $9.99

    Bought this product one day just out of curiosity because my hair is such a chore to detangle and I was very impressed! After I shower, I section my wet hair into two parts and apply a generous amount into both sections. I usually use my fingers or a wide-tooth comb to comb my hair. This product detangled my hair perfectly and fast too! I also just left it in as a styler and my hair dried very nicely. Great product!

  4. OGX Coconut Curls Frizz Defying Curl Styling Milk - $8.79

    Discovered this product at the end of the summer when it was super humid outside. I really liked the way my hair air-dried with this product because it reduced frizz so well! This smells delicious and is super hydrating but doesn’t weigh down hair! May be too hydrating for those with thinner hair than mine but if you have thick hair this is for you.

  5. Cantu Natural Hair Moisturizing Curl Activator Cream - $6.99

    Holy grail product!! I talked about this in my post about my must-have curly hair products before, but I just can’t NOT include it. It’s so good and a little goes a long way! My boyfriend who has 4b/c hair introduced me to it and I loved it, so I introduced my sister to it, who has 3a/2c curl pattern hair, and she loves it too! So it really does work well for very tight curls to loose curls! Plus, it smells like a tropical breeze. LOVE IT!

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with any of these brands listed and all opinions are my own. I am not being compensated to recommend these products.