10 Winter Hair Care Products for Curly Hair


My haircare routine changes in the winter because the heat is on in my house so it’s a bit dry, and the air outside is so cold! Since it’s so cold outside, I CANNOT STAND WET HAIR! Going outside with wet curls just makes me cringe thinking about it, but I often have to do it when I have morning classes. BURRRR!! As you may know from my previous curly hair related posts, I’m a die hard “air dryer” because I think my hair dries less frizzy this way and I also just don’t have the time to diffuse dry my hair for an hour or more. (Side note: A future investment piece for my home one day is an overhead dryer, so I can sit and do work while drying my hair! Hahaha GENIUS!)

Since the air is dry in the winter, your scalp and the cuticle of the hair is much more likely to be dry and get irritated. Which usually means dullness, less definition and more frizz for me! That’s why it’s super important to take care of your scalp as well as your strands in the winter.

Here is my list of tested and loved products for what you’ll need in order to keep your curls healthy this winter!


1 . Moroccan Oil Intense Hydrating Mask ($35)

I love that this product comes in a big tub! I let this sit in my damp hair for an hour or more! During the summer I’ve worn this hair mask a few times to the beach or by the pool and pull my hair into a bun to let it soak in. Then just rinse it out in the shower later on! It really hydrates my hair and leaves it looking frizz free and shiny! After I rinse it out and let it air dry my curls look so juicy and healthy. This is an excellent hair mask and it smells AMAZING!


2. Kiehl’s 'Magic Elixir' Hair Restructuring Concentrate ($20)

I have a super sensitive scalp/skin in general and this stuff feels AMAZING. I am prone to eczema and have gotten in in my hairline before. I was curious to know if this would help “reset” and revive my dry, itchy scalp while also helping grow healthy, shiny hair. This really did but doesn’t happen over night, I used it about twice a week for a good two months to see and feel a real difference. Before you shower, apply this product right to the scalp and massage it in making sure it really gets every inch of your scalp. This will feel amazing!! Then I wait about 10 minutes, usually I just clean up my room or pick out my outfit for after I shower while I wait. This product makes my scalp feel so refreshed and healthy! I believe this product could’ve been what has helped me maintain healthy hair growth!


3. Briogeo Scalp Revival Charcoal + Coconut Oil Micro-Exfoliating Shampoo ($42)

OMG I can’t say enough good things about this product. I get a lot of product buildup if I’m super busy and don’t have a lot of time to do a real good clean. FINALLY there is a hair cleansing product that doesn’t dry out my hair or scalp but deeply exfoliates the scalp! I scoop out a good amount of this and apply it right to my scalp and start working it into the scalp. It gives a really nice cooling sensation which is partly why I love this stuff!


4. DevaCurl Microfiber DevaTowel ($15)

I didn’t believe that a towel could really affect how your hair looked when it dried until I tried a microfiber towel. Now I can really see the difference from using a normal bath towel to dry my hair compared to this. A normal towel adds so much frizz to my hair and definitely can contribute to breakage. Using a microfiber towel helps minimize frizz and gently dries your hair after a shower! I will never go back!


5. DevaCurl DevaFuser ($50)

This diffuser is so cool! It’s shaped like a hand and allows you to dry in hard to reach areas of your head. Also, it allows you to dry hair in it’s actual curl pattern and helps prevent shrinkage because the curls can sit how they would naturally by putting this “hand” through the hair instead of resting a clump of hair on top of a traditional diffuser. This is a super innovative product and it’s definitely worth the money.


6. Oribe Conditioner for Moisture and Hydration ($46)

This is the best conditioner I’ve ever used in my life! This truly makes my hair look and feel amazing I can’t even describe. Plus, this detangles hair while conditioning it. I like to leave it in while in the shower for a couple minutes because it feels like a pure luxury. I also like to leave a little in my hair so I tend to wash it out of my hair on the scalp area but leave some in the middle and ends. Plus, Oribe’s scents are absolutely amazing and smell so beautiful. So that’s an added bonus!


7. Bumble and Bumble Creme de Coco Shampoo ($26)

This is a fantastic shampoo for not just curly girls! When I worked at a high-end hair salon as a receptionist this product was a huge hit with customers and stylists, so I bought myself a bottle and brought it home for myself and my sisters to try. We all loved it! The scent is delicious! A coconut dream. It’s the perfect amount of hydration and leaves hair feeling SO soft!! Bumble and Bumble have got something good going on here. Their products are fab!


8. Cantu Argan Oil Leave-In Conditioner ($11.95)

This is a great alternative to the Moroccan Oil mask! This leave-in conditioner contains argan oil as well as other hydrating ingredients to help lock-in moisture and restore damaged, dry hair back to heath. My sister, Lindsay, was blonde over the summer and constantly was getting color put into her hair. This treatment was a great savior for her! I like this treatment because first, it smells like candy! and second, it really does work. I like to sleep with this in my hair. Depending on my workout schedule, I will wash my hair at night, apply this product to my damp, microfiber towel dried hair, and then braid it! I leave this in over night and my hair dries beautifully! I am a big fan of Cantu products, they never disappoint in bringing us curly girls hydrating hair products.


9. OGX Renewing Argan Oil Of Morocco Weightless Healing Dry Oil ($7.99)

An amazing dry oil for the hair! This has healing benefits for spilt ends and heat damage too. I love that this hair oil is a spray so you don’t have to get your hands messy. The shine this product gives my hair is absolutely divine. I can go through one of these very quick! I wish they had a bigger size!!


10. DevaCurl Arc Angel Gel ($22)

This is a gel that isn’t “crunchy” and not going to dry out your curls in the winter. Gels can be very harsh on curly hair and can sometimes cause breakage! (Especially if winter air makes your hair even more dry!) I love that this product holds curl definition and gives shine all day long without the crunchy, stiff feeling.

Let me know what products you like to use to keep your curls on point all winter long! If you try any of these products I recommend, let me know! I’d love to hear from you in the comments. Thanks for tuning in!

xo, Chloe