My Top Athleisure Picks To Take You From Class To The Gym In Style

“Athleisure” is probably my favorite “millennial” word and it definitely defines my style 90% of the time! It’s the greatest because when someone sees you out in public they don’t really know if you just came from your intense workout class or just being comfy on your way to eat some food with your friends. I’m always on the quest to find the best leggings that are extremely flattering, so of course I’m a little bias toward certain brands and pairs because I know what works best on my body type and my preferences! Check out my picks below….click to shop each item!


My favorites are from Alo Yoga, Lululemon, Zella (at Nordstrom), GapFit and Athleta. They are all extremely high quality and really have lasted me YEARS. I wear leggings usually to class, or out running errands, and to the gym at least 4-5 days a week and these four pairs are truly some of the best in my opinion. Zella, GapFit and Athleta are much more reasonably priced and amazing quality! Lululemon and Alo are worth the investment in my opinion, if you get two pairs they will last you for years! My first pair of Lulu cropped leggings (the ‘run inspire II’ legging to be exact!) has lasted me to this very day from since I was a sophomore in high school…so from 2012 till NOW! and they are still in fantastic condition with no rips in the seams or thinning of material. LOVE THAT!


I gathered some of my favorite athletic tops that are comfy enough to wear out to coffee, to school, the mall and go to a workout in! These are my ultimate favorite shirts/brands for a reason!! I love all these tops because of their quality and their fit is super flattering. The Athleta ‘speedlight’ top I own in three colors! It’s the comfiest shirt ever and has this cute detailing on the side of the lower-waist that really slims and flatters the waist nicely. My mom is also a huge fan! The Zella ‘Twisty Turn’ long sleeve is my favorite long sleeve for winter because it is so soft and also very warm without feeling heavy. Both Lululemon shirt’s I own multiples because they are some of my favorite shirts to workout in but also just to wear on casual days in all seasons. Amazing quality and super flattering, like most Lulu products their fabrics are so soft and flatter your curves so nicely. I found a fun shirt by GapFit as well! I own many GapFit long sleeves gifted to me by my mom over the last few years, she is a huge Gap fan! I am highly impressed by their activewear line and I their fabrics are VERY similar to Lululemon fabrics. Sweaty Betty is another high-quality brand I found out about through Nordstrom. Their pieces are so adorable and trendy! Definitely a fun brand i’d love to explore more with this year.


I’m a hardcore Lululemon fan so obviously I will rave about these joggers for hours if I could. But the Zella athletic joggers are insanely comfy and super stylish with some cool sneaks or even some UGGs if you are going for that really cozy vibe. The Splendid joggers have a special place in my heart. These are SOOO soft!!! I saw a girl in Whole Foods wearing these while I was shopping and I had to stop her and ask her where she got these joggers. She so kindly almost strained her back trying to read her tag in the back of these pants without mooning the entire produce department hahaha! Bless her soul!!! I love these joggers and every time I wear them out people always ask where they are from! And just for fun, I threw in those Ivy Park and Terez joggers. Ivy Park clothes are super trendy and fun right now because of their big logo and it’s uhhh Beyonce’s brand!! So of course I had to have something to represent her brand nice and big. The Terez joggers are super fun. I am obviously super into the army green and stars right now.

Jackets & Hoodies

Just for fun, and in the spirit of having a full on layered athleisure outfit, I threw in a jacket and hoodie section to my athleisure faves! Zella and Lulu make extremely flattering zip ups. Seriously, I think if I could only have one jacket for the rest of my life I’d chose the Lulu ‘define’ jacket! I added a P.E. Nation hoodie. My boyfriend got me one last year for Christmas and it’s so beautifully made. They are really gorgeous and effortlessly cool. I chose one with a similar style and fit to the one I have. I love the gold detailing they add! Makes it have a very luxurious feel. Considering the price, I do think it’s worth the price considering how nicely made their products are! Spiritual Gangster is another brand I love for comfy clothes for yoga and just chillin around the house clothes. Their fabrics are soft like butter! I threw in two ‘just for fun’ pieces I have on my wish-list this year. Sweaty Betty has some really cool pieces out right now as well as the brand Varley, who I just recently discovered via Instagram.

I hope you found some great new pieces and are feeling a little more inspired to take your effortlessly cool athletic outfits outside the gym. Let me know what you think! And if you know of any cool ‘athleisure’ brands please feel free to recommend them in the comments below. Thanks! :)

xo, Chloe

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