Fitness and Wellness Must-Haves For The New Year


my guide to a happy new year!

If there is one habit we all need to take more time to work on this year it’s self care! I’ve been testing out a bunch of products and as well as incorporating a lot more healthy fitness habits into my daily routine lately. I’m certainly happy with the results! One incredible change in my daily workout routine was starting a yoga practice! I have been doing Yoga With Adriene via her Youtube channel! It’s so awesome because I am do it in the comfort of my own home and I still feel the amazing and powerful effects of a daily yoga practice. Virtual yoga classes are ICONIC. So millennial of me! I have been doing an online class 4-5 times a week (FOR FREE!) for a month now! I already feel my upper body strengthening as well as my core and legs getting nice and toned. Oh the wonders of the internet! Adriene has some awesome videos that are specific yoga practices for weight loss so you are sure to feel the burn! But I also like to incorporate restorative flows for post-workout days from my other favorite yoga Youtube channel called BohoBeautiful. I’m naturally not flexible AT ALL. I could barely touch my toes before I started and now I can actually do it! But my hamstrings are not flexible enough to get my heels down all the way for downward facing dog yet. But ya gurl is making progress! My arms and upper body are so much stronger. I feel so great! On my way to being a ~ serious yogi ~. It’s such an amazing feeling when you are consciously aware of the connection between the mind, the breath and the movements and live so much in the moment. I’m addicted to the mindset I get into when I’m doing yoga. I don’t think about anything other than my breath and the movements. It’s such a nice break from my constantly racing mind!

For my fellow college student readers, I also started classes this week! YES, it’s my final semester in college as an undergrad!!!! I cannot even believe it. I feel like I started college like last week or something! So the stress is ON like donkey kong right now and on top of my daily cardio or weight lifting workouts, i’ve been trying to mix in at least 20 minutes of yoga a few times a week! As you can probably tell, I’m so into yoga right now. i’m only a beginner but I like to dress like I’m a pro ;) That’s kinda been my thing even. Always gotta dress for the position you WANT, not the position you have ya’ll!

I’ve linked some of my new favorite yoga and workout clothes below. Check them out and I can promise you that you will not be disappointed! Whether you can get into crow pose, or you only go as far as downward facing dog, or hey, even if just for a simple shavasana (aka corpse pose LOL) is your thing…I have found the cutest and best quality items for all! Check it out :)

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Wellness & Fitness Equipment

So what I’m absolutely LOVING is featured below… Most of these items are contributing to my new fitness and wellness routine in a positive way. I must say that the last item is a wellness item and truly has enhanced my quality of life! A WHITE NOISE MACHINE. It’s genius. I love this thing, I use the Dohm every single night and I even can travel with it to hotels. I sleep like a damn champion with this machine that washes out any background noise that may keep you up or wake you up during the night. I’m a super light sleeper and recently when I moved homes, the hard wood floors really are noisy at night when my dogs or family members are walking about. I discovered this machine and now I no longer get woken up by random doors or feet walking down the halls at night. The other ‘wellness’ item I recommend is a Hydro Flask water bottle. If you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet, you are seriously missing out on some incredibly fresh and cold water! This keeps water cold ALL DAY AND NIGHT! I swear by this. Because it keeps my water so crisp all day, I easily stay hydrated and continuously want to refill the bottle. Plus, they have super cute colors! And the straw top is perfect if you have sensitive teeth like me! Drink up ;)

For fitness items…the yoga blocks and Dharma yoga wheel have been extremely helpful for me learning new poses to challenge my body and further my practice. All these products are great quality and I am truly impressed! The ‘Stickfiber’ towel is a super soft microfiber towel that is perfect for bringing to yoga class, especially those who go to bikram / hot yoga! I also need to mention that my boyfriend surprised me with a Lululemon yoga mat about 4 years ago and I’ve been obsessed with it since then. If you have decided that you love yoga and it’s for you, then you need to treat yourself to a Lululemon mat! These mats are such great quality and so easy to carry and to clean. Not to mention, they come in beautiful patterns and colors! That mat also NEVER bunches up or gets in the way during all types of workouts that require floor work.

Namaste bitches!

Beauty & Nutritional Items

Self care doesn’t just mean your fitness and exercise routines, but also what you put in your body as well as the products you use to make yourself feel beautiful. It all ties into making you feel on top of your game. If ya look good, ya feel good!

Where do I begin with this round up of products! Glossier’s Balm Dot Com really lives up to the hype it receives online. This little tube lasts forever and the product is fantastic for lips, dry hands, dry patches on your face, whatever! It truly is the Moon Juice always puts out amazing supplements that are always raved about online by thousands of health gurus. One I found that I think more people need to try out is their SuperYou vitamin supplement! There are so many great health benefits to taking this because it contains adaptogenic herbs like shatavari root extract and organic ashwagandha that have help reduce stress and improve mood and focus. Anything that can help me not drink coffee! The other supplement that is huge right now is collagen peptides! Vital Proteins makes great quality supplement products so it’s no wonder this one is so popular. Collagen peptides are an awesome supplement to include into your diet because it helps keeps skin clear and PLUMP, prevents wrinkles from the inside out and improves health of bones, joint, hair, nails and tendons!

As for skincare, my ultimate favorite topic, I linked my favorite face mask for winter time which is Fresh’s Rose Face Mask. If you have dry skin, this baby can be used all year round! It feels like an absolute dream on the skin and smells SOOOO beautiful. Your skin will be feel soft, supple, and glowy after using this. The other skincare related item I recommend for this year is a hand cream. But not just any old hand cream, the best smelling hand cream. So I recently learned about how important it is to take care of our hands since they are going through a lot of beating throughout the day as a student, yogi, blogger, HUMAN BEING. After much deliberation, I purchased the Fresh Seaberry Hand Cream at Nordies! This stuff makes me excited to pull it out of my bag to use it because it smells so great. Your hands will certainly thank you for taking such nice care of them :)

For food favorites right now, I have one item that I have been putting on anything I can think of lately! That is the Wild Friends Organic Peanut Butter. OMG this stuff is real good! And it’s created by two boss ass women!! This peanut butter is all natural, non-GMO, and contains NO palm oil. I’m super into buying things that have only a few ingredients or only ingredients that I recognize and can pronounce! I compared these ingredients to some typical processed peanut butters I grew up eating and wow, it’s kinda shocking what I was eating before! Wild Friends also have a bunch of other delicious nut butters and seed butters for those who don’t or can’t eat peanuts. Looking forward to trying their chocolate coconut PB soon!! I put a little spoonful of this stuff on my oatmeal bowls in the morning and OMG, tooooo good!!! Or just dipping apple slices in some of this is the perfect mid-day healthy snack. If you are a peanut butter fanatic like me, you gotta try this out and I think you will be pleased!

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed creating this fabulous feel-good list for all you amazing readers and supporters. I am having so much fun! Writing blog posts and doing the research and the whole content creation process is so much fun for me. I genuinely enjoy talking about all things I love and connecting with like-minded people.! I am always trying to make others feel great inside and out whenver I can because I know what it’s like to not feel my best for quite a long time. Hopefully these posts are providing a source of happiness and self confidence for you.


xo, Chloe