My Go-To Feel Good Juice (+VLOG!)

Winter weather and sniffles got you feeling down? Feel like you need a burst of vitamin C and energy? I have a bright and refreshing juice that you can have as a healthy snack to lift your mood! Drink yo’ veggies and you wont be disappointed!


I’ve been feeling a little under the weather as the real harsh cold air has settled into New England. I decided to whip up this recipe I think tastes sweet and delicious! I am not a fan of super “acidic” tasting juices and I’m happy to say that this one doesn’t upset my stomach. It’s a new year and I’ve really been trying to keep consistent with eating lots of vitamins and nutrients throughout the day and less processed foods. A perfect “snack” or drink to have while getting work done can definitely be this homemade JUICE! My go-to juice is this bright orange juice, NECTAR OF THE GODS! My lymph nodes already feel less swollen and my sinuses feel less congested today after drinking this two days in a row.

My recipe contains carrot, orange, apple, ginger, and lemon. But I really just enjoy throwing whatever I think will taste good into my juicer, doing a taste test to adjust and then enjoying my creation. It’s so fun to get creative in the kitchen!

Carrot: Carrots are filled with vitamin A, beta-carotene and antioxidants that make them perfect free radical fighters! Also, carrots contain soluble fiber that can lower blood sugar levels by slowing down digestion of sugars and starches. Carrots feed the good bacteria in the gut which can lead to improved health and decreased risk of disease.

Lemon: Lemons alkalize the body one digested and metabolized, which helps restore the body’s pH. Lemons are also a great source of vitamin C.

Ginger: Ginger is best known for helping to relieve indigestion and nausea. But it also is a great antioxidant and has great anti-inflammatory benefits too.

Orange: Oranges are the OG of vitamin C. And as we may already know, vitamin C is vital for proper immune system health! Research shows that vitamin C is the primary antioxidant in the body, helping to disarm free radicals and prevent damage to the cells. This is why a daily intake of vitamin C is associated with a reduced risk of colon cancer and other diseases!

Apple: Apples contain helpful phytonutrients and antioxidants that can help reduce risk of cancer, hypertension and heart disease. Apples are high in fiber, vitamin C and potassium. Guess that’s why they say “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”.

For even more added benefits, add turmeric to fight inflammation! I know this recipe has helped me immensely with feeling better in the gut but also the immune system. Kinda like an “Emergen-C” but homemade!

Watch my video below on how I make my super juice and what ingredients I chose to use! (And you will get to meet my man, Shaya, and my cute pups!) The recipe is below too!

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Let me know if you make this juice, send me pictures, and tell me what you thought of it!

Happy juicing :)

xo, Chloe