Natural Skin Care Products for Sensitive, Acne Prone Skin

Natural Skin Care Products for sensitive and acne prone skin

Happy new year everyone! Sorry it’s taken me a whole week into the new year to put a post up. My winter term courses have started and oh man, they are tough. I’m taking two condensed courses in three weeks time so that’s a lot of work to teach myself. YIKES! Anyway, a new year means it is TIME to update your skincare routine. I think everyone has some kind of health oriented goals this year, whether it is to start a new workout routine or beginning to make healthier food choices. We also need to stop putting harmful chemicals and additives on our skin. So many of us spend so much time making sure we eat healthy, organic foods that provide our body with the proper nutrition, but we seem to forget all about that when it comes to what we use on our face and body. I have extremely sensitive skin which sucks because I was never able to use fun, frilly scented lotions or sprays growing up! Even when trying new laundry detergents can cause me to get eczema and uncomfortably itchy skin.

As I got into my teenage years, my acne was so stubborn and it was my biggest insecurity! Many products I’d try (before I found my amazing dermatologist at Essex Dermatology here in CT!) would break out my skin in a weird bumpy texture. The acne I had struggled with wasn’t cystic or big red pimples but just small bumps covering my entire forehead and cheeks. Many makeup and foundations often clog my pores and certain face washed and creams completely dried out my skin (which I didn’t think was possible…I thought I had oily skin for the longest time!) and thus, caused more acne. That’s why I’ve learned to really start researching ingredients and taking a look at what they do for my skin. I really love how Sephora now offers a “clean beauty” section on their website now. They offer things from makeup, skincare all the way to hair and body care products that are certified clean and natural! Yaaasss! We are some natural, chemical-free, glowing goddesses out here now.

I mean, just look at my skin in this picture below! This is TODAY. NO MAKEUP YA’LL! I’m so proud. (Def could’ve brushed my curly eyebrows a bit before taking this pic but hey, such is life.)

I rounded up some of my favorite clean skincare products that have blessed my skin for the last 6 months and longer!

Hello!!! this is a GOD SENT product. I love this stuff. It’s so gentle but cleanses the skin very well. It even takes off any left over makeup I may have on my skin. This contains hyaluronic acid which is why your skin will feel so soft after cleansing. I should warn you that it smells like straight up honey and I’m really not a honey person but I learned to live with it.


I think you can tell that I’m a huge fan of Farmacy products right now. This moisturizer is leaves the skin looking glowy and supple but NOT greasy! That is the most important thing for me because my forehead is quick to looking a bit oily very easily.

I’ve used this product for 3 years now and I’m what you say…HOOKED. I just can’t get enough. I’m only 22 and my derm told me to just try to keep my under eyes moisturized and supple before it’s time to start mixing in a night time anti-aging under eye cream. I use this morning and night! Plus it really helps if you have problems with concealers creasing under the eye. This helps smooth and hydrate to let your concealer blend right in.

Oh my laawwwd this is so refreshing and well, just magical. After I wash my face I put this on a cotton round and swipe it across my face and neck. I don’t know why but this is incredible. A life saver for my sensitive skin! This shrinks my pores, balances my skin tone and texture AND I think this product is what has helped with my hormonal breakouts ya’ll. Soothing AF. Just try it and you will thank me later.

Okay, First of all, this product smells amazing. It is the reason why I get excited for my once weekly exfoliation day. The beads are very soft and non-abrasive, it’s definitely more like a gel. I like to exfoliate once a week because that’s what seems to work best at controlling my highly stubborn and rather RUDE skin. For whatever reason, kinda like my hair, my skin is prone to build up of dead skin and oil. My dermatologist told me this is why I have eczema :/ Hmmm. Gross! But this product is absolutely lovely and you should try it.

I don’t think I’ve ever tried a Josie Maran product that I didn’t like. Her stuff always delivers great quality!! This face and body oil is divine. My skin is pretty dry most of the time and this gives it an extra boost underneath moisturizer. I’ve always learned that OIL balances OIL! This has seriously been a part of my skincare routine for 5 years now. It’s definitely a game changer if you suffer from dry, dull skin and uneven tone/texture.

Okay everyone, it’s your turn! Let me know what clean beauty products you love and want me to try in the comments below!

Love, Chloe