Beauty Edit: February Favorites 2019

Okay… I’m not sure if i was living in a literal time warp but February FLEW the f*ck by!! My final semester of college is going so quick and I low key don’t know how I feel about this!! Help, i’m getting old…Hahaha no, I’m so ready to be done. I’m drained from the stress and pressure to get all my assignments done well and done on time. Life is CRAY ZEE. But that doesn’t mean I haven’t had time to check out some new products and show a lil love to some products I totally forgot that I owned and loved so much. So here we go! FEB FAVES!

  1. YSL Black Opium Perfume

Oh my lawwddd ! this stuff smells so delicious and sexy! It’s a super fun fragrance and definitely a signature scent. I have used EVERY day since I purchased it in December. So it’s actually a solid 2 month favorite and will be for years to come. I am 100% certain this perfume immediately improves my mood from blah to BOSS ass bitch.



2. Aesop Calming Shampoo

Winter weather totally messing up your scalp leaving you itchy and irritated? You gotta try this shampoo! It’s ultra soothing and has a relaxing scent that helps the scalp feel really clean. Helps with any itchiness too! Fantastic product and really cute, aesthetically pleasing packaging.


Screen Shot 2019-02-22 at 9.59.07 AM.png

3. Dior Capture Totale Foundation

Holy MOLY! This foundation…It’s pricey but boy is it worth it. So I originally tried this because my mom uses it and raves about it, plus her skin is so insanely nice! It’s kinda unfair. So I snuck into her beauty drawer and tried this magic elixir out for myself. Now I understand why she loves it so much! This foundation is absolutely beautiful and filled with skincare benefits. It sits on the skin smoothly while giving you a nice natural glow. This looks like your skin BUT BETTER. It’s weightless and covers blemishes and uneven skin tone very well. I have a lot of old acne scars and this improved their appearance and covered very well. I apply this with a beauty blender or buff it lightly with a dense kabuki. Set my t-zone with Laura Mercier translucent powder and I’m good to go all day long. Now my older sister is obsessed and it took us weeks to track down a bottle for her because they kept selling out. I just use my mom’s bottle and she’s since bought herself a new one. LOL thanks mama Les!! (I’m shade medium beige)



4. NARS ‘Kalahari’ Eye Shadow Duo

I’m not a huge eyeshadow person unless I’m going out to something nice or going somewhere where lots of pictures will be taken. So eyeshadow for me needs to easy, I usually only stick to 2 to 3 colors and it’s always neutrals. That’s why I love these NARS duos because they are easy to travel with and give me two great colors to work with. This one in particular comes with a gorgeous gold color and a muted mauve which looks stunning all over the lid or in the outer corner of the lid. So stunning! The perfect duo for girls who need something easy and are a little skeptical to using bright colors. These are nice muted neutrals that give a slight shimmer.



5. Bobbi Brown Intensifying Long-Wear Mascara

This mascara washes off easily with a makeup wipe and doesn’t irritate my eyes. The application wand is great and separates my lashes well. The wand gets every lash and holds a curl really well. Plus its a great bold black color. No flakes or fall out from it through the day. Just a really solid mascara by Bobbi Brown.



6. Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil

Another product my mom put me on to this month. This lip oil is so luscious and moisturizing! I love the shiny glow it gives like it’s a gloss but it’s not sticky at all. I love how moisturizing this product is because my lips are almost always dry.