How To Recover From A Weekend of Eating Like Sh*t

I just spent the weekend in Boston visiting my boyfriend, which was super fun. And happy St. Patty’s day everyone! I’m finally on spring break so I felt like I deserved to go a little wild this weekend. I snacked my way through a Netflix and chill kinda weekend with my man. I reaaally needed to destress and I think I was also so hungry cause I was so stressed all week with midterms and projects so I wasn’t getting enough calories. I’m talking like…this weekend…I think I finished a box of Cheez-It’s on my own!! But we enjoyed going out to lunch and dinner, and treated ourselves to a little ice cream one night too! (Pictured below…not including the pizza and candy I also indulged in the next day lol) Luckily we did a lot of walking and shopping so that helped a little.

Do you ever feel like crap by the end of a weekend of a little too much fun? I wanted to share about how I bounce back into my healthy eating and exercising routine after a long weekend of eating whatever the hell I wanted, when I wanted. Now that it’s Monday, my tummy is kinda paying for it. I wanted to share with you all how I get back into the groove of things after letting loose for a few days. I want to help those who need to reel themselves back on track to reaching their health and fitness goals, JUST LIKE ME!


I should also mention that I don’t believe in cleanses. I believe in changing your life for the better and making it a habit to put your health and nutrition first. Also, I want to share that I struggle a lot with getting bogged down on “messing up” my diet or fitness goals by eating mindlessly all weekend, for example. For me, it’s so hard to not focus on the fact that I ate a bunch of junk food or I ate too many carbs at dinner. I always focus on my downfalls instead of just letting myself enjoy. This is something I’m working on this year and has been a challenge for me for a long time!

When I talk to many of my friends, they too also get hung up on a binge of junk food on movie night or eating too much pizza at dinner. I want everyone and myself to be reminded that it’s TOTALLY okay to let loose sometimes. There is no diet police who are gonna come yell at you. We need to remind ourselves to just live a little and not think about every nutrient that enters our body. I have to remind myself these things often because I get so fixated on the negatives instead of thinking of the positives! Three days of eating what we want will not derail us from my goals! So here is your reminder that it’s totally okay that you ate an ice cream sundae on Saturday night. It’s okay that you also had pizza on Sunday night! We are human and it’s okay to indulge because we work really damn hard all week long. We just can’t make the junk food a 7 days a week habit because we will start to feel sluggish and icky! You seriously cannot out exercise a bad diet, trust me, I’ve tried that before! I truly believe what we put in our body really does matter and it affects everything from our skin to our moods. Food really is like medicine for the body! With that being said, let’s get into my ~ bounce back ~ routine / tips to feel better after a weekend of eating like sh*t.

Get Sweaty:

You won’t lose 5 pounds in one day but you certainly will feel better once you are done working out. So schedule a workout class or find a great strength training workout on Youtube that will get your heart pumping and some calories burning. Your muscles are smart and will restore after a couple days on getting active again. Even if it’s just a 30 minute power walk, get your booty moving! Once your endorphins kick in, you will be feelin’ real GOOD and like yourself again!!

Plan your meals:

I think this is a great idea that you can do in the morning to get yourself on the right track for the day. Planning ahead always works well for me because I love to follow a schedule. Plus, once you have decided your intentions for the day, you are more likely to follow them. You can even set reminders on your phone to help keep yourself on track. When you wake up, check out what you have in your fridge and what you can make for a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner for the day. Here is my go-to healthy day of recovery eating:

  • Breakfast: Egg whites, sautéed spinach, whole-wheat english muffin, & sprinkle of shredded cheese. If you have time to prep a breakfast that will be easy to grab and go in the AM, I highly recommend this recipe! My gluten free, egg free blueberry muffins!

  • Snack 1: If I have time I will make a juice, particularly my favorite juice recipe which I shared here. If I’m on the go, I pack a peach or an apple with either a handful of almonds or string cheese.

  • Lunch: 1/2 cup cooked rice, grilled chicken breast, 1/3 avocado, sautéed broccoli

  • Snack 2: Cut up carrots or celery with roasted red pepper hummus.

  • Dinner: Zucchini and squash noodles with baked turkey meatballs in Rao’s marinara sauce.

  • Snack 3 (Optional): Almond milk chocolate pudding from Whole Foods or a packet of Justin’s vanilla almond butter. Yum!!

Get Rid of Temptations:

If you just had wild weekend and have lots of fun left overs that you have a feeling you might want to binge on late at night, try to get rid of them!! Give your friends your naughty groceries or hide them somewhere out of sight. Or heck, make your significant other eat your leftovers with their friends LOL. When the tempting foods are out of sight, they will be out of mind! If there are Reeses PB cups anywhere in my line of vision, I CANNOT RESIST.

No alcohol:

If you were drinking a lot over the weekend, the best thing you can do for your skin, hair and body is to detox for the week. Your mind will feel clearer and you will notice how less bloated you look! I’m not a big drinker and probably only have less than 2 alcoholic beverages a month, if that! I don’t drink at all most months. I prefer to consume my calories with food!

Drink lots of water:

This is going to help with bloat a lot! Try carrying a large bottle with you through the day which will help remind you to stay hydrated. Another great tip is to eat foods with water in it like watermelon! My nutritionist recommended this when I told her I was retaining a lot of water and felt bloated. Increasing your water intake actually helps combat the bloat. She also recommended eating asparagus at dinner because it helps relieve bloat too!

Simplify your coffee order:

Use Stevia in your coffee instead of normal sugar this week. I use Truvia when I make myself a coffee at home and it’s such a delicious but natural and calorie free alternative to sugar. Also, skip the creamers or lessen your cream/diary intake if you want to lessen your daily amount of sugars. I often like to add unsweetened vanilla almond milk instead of cream. Or if you like tea, try a green tea or mint tea. Both help with hydration and bloat. BTW, my current coffee order is a cold foam cold brew with 3 pumps sugar free vanilla with light cream. Make sure you say light cream! If you don’t want dairy, I highly recommend THIS Califa Farms vanilla almond milk “creamer” for your coffee!

I hope this helps you feel great this week and help you get at those goals! I encourage you all to reach out to me when you need a little extra motivation cause I know I do too. We can support and motivate each other not to give up and not to get discouraged from one bad day!

xo, Chloe