The Spring Athleisure List

Hello my lovelies! I hope you are having a fantastic week. I’m currently on spring break so I can ramp up my posts and get out some awesome content. I absolutely love “athleisure” clothes. If I can wear a dope pair of sneakers and nice fitting leggings to every event, I certainly would. Plus, no one can really tell if you are on your way to a yoga class or if you have actually just been sitting in your house all day in your leggings! Since it’s officially spring time, it means the weather is super unpredictable where I live. Therefore we must dress in layers on layers because when you go to your car in the morning it could be 35 degrees outside, but by the time you leave work or your house in the afternoon, it could be around 65 degrees! Plus the rain is hard to work with when it comes to footwear too. But don’t you worry, I’ve got so many cute and versatile options and in fun and fresh AF colors. I have rounded up all my favorites this month to get you boss ass b*tches to wherever you may go in comfort and style. My two priorities when it comes to anything I buy… It needs to be comfy and super cool. Effortlessly cool.

xo, Chloe