How To Get A Flawless Faux Tan at Home

Flawless Faux Tan At Home

If one thing is for sure, many of us look a lot healthier with a beautiful bronze tan and glowing skin. But it’s not worth baking our skin in the sun for! Say HELL NAH fine lines, sun spots, and wrinkles. I have strong feelings towards tanning beds because I’m naturally pretty fair and have many freckles and moles. I’ve never used one in my life and I never will! My mom has always expressed the dangers of tanning beds and the harmful side effects of getting too much UV rays. My mom has beautiful skin, everywhere we go strangers think we are SIBLINGS! She’s 50 years old! Her biggest secret was that she avoided suntanning, which helped her avoid sunburns, she always protected her face from the sun while at the beach, and she always applies her SPF!

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All my teen years I loved summer because it meant I could float in the pool all day and get a deep tan to go back to school with! Tan skin always makes me feel a little bit better about myself. I realized after meeting with derm that tan skin is totally not worth frying myself, ruining my skin’s barrier, and possibly causing melanoma or skin cancer. So now on vacations, I spend less time frying in the sun means more time relaxing in the shade because my body is already tan from my favorite self-tanner products! Of course, I still enjoy outdoor activities and I love to swim, but I always make sure I lather on the sunscreen to protect my skin. I’m super grumpy when I get sunburnt!!!

This photo of myself shows a perfect faux tan I applied to my face and body during in the winter time. Here I used Million Dollar Tan’s Summer Sun self tanner mousse. Love the shade of tan it gives me because it has red undertones, NOT ORANGE! Read more below about why I absolutely love this product.

In my opinion, my legs and arms look more toned and cute with a nice tan! Doesn’t everyone?! If you can’t upkeep weekly or bi-weekly spray tans, cause let’s be real, they can get really expensive...then at home self-tanners might be your best option!  I’ve tried many different tanning lotions, mousses, sprays, and oils, over the years and I have figured out the ones that are actually worth buying. Keep in mind, I have ultra-sensitive skin. I am highly sensitive to many lotions, soaps, and detergents! Super annoying. So every product I try is really a gamble as to whether I will break out into an eczema flare up or not. But it’s worth it for me!!! I love the thrill of knowing I might find the right product for me and my followers who also struggle with sensitive skin.  Keep reading to find out why I love each product!

1. Million Dollar Tan ‘Summer Sun’ Mousse

I love this self tanning mousse from Million Dollar Tan for many reasons…First, it is a great color for fair or medium skin tones. It has red-ish undertones, never looks orange, and applies so nicely! Zero streaks. Second, it has never irritated my skin. I’ve used this many times and I’ve never had an eczema flare up. I’ve even applied this to my face many times and i’ve never gotten a breakout from doing so! Third, it doesn’t smell bad! No more worrying about people smelling your tan. Overall, a really great product and I would highly recommend purchasing it. When I use this product, I apply this at night after I shower and exfoliate, I sleep in it and then rinse it off in the morning to reveal a beautiful tan! This is a great brand, they have many other great products as well. $42 SHOP NOW

(If you aren’t a mousse girl, try this lotion from Million Dollar Tan instead! Same great tan but it develops in a few days of usage!)

2. St. Tropez Express Tan Dark Self Tanning Mousse

St. Tropez products are popular for a reason! This is a great express self tanner to do if you are in a time crunch or maybe you have an event later that night. This color is beautiful and natural looking. You can apply this with a mitt and you will have a beautiful dark tan in 1-2 hours! Rinse off and then you will be good to go! This can be a little drying on the skin so be sure to use a lotion with self tan safe ingredients in it if you are prone to being very dry after you rinse. I use mainly this just on my legs and arms when I need to be tan for an evening event such as a dinner party or special event. Another bonus is that it doesn’t transfer onto sheets or clothing once it’s dried. Don’t worry if you sleep in it because the same color is achieved whether you leave it on for the suggested 3 hours or for 8 hours. $44 SHOP NOW

3. Clarins Radiance-Plus Glow Booster

I am obsessed with this product! You mix this into your moisturizer morning and night to obtain a beautiful tan complexion. I notice a tan developing after just two days of using this. I love the natural color and radiance this gives my face. This product does not have a scent and does not break out my skin. Clarins is a great brand with sensitive-skin safe products. My mom and my sisters all love this product too!


5. Million Dollar Tan ‘Blend Friend’ Body & Face Mitts

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I will never use any other mitts again! I’ve tried other foamy type mitts before but these MDT mitts are such great quality. The brand often runs different sales where you can get these on sale or even in a gift set or combo pack! The face mitt is perfect so you don’t have to stain your hands when applying self tanning mousse to your face. The body mitt is so amazing and the perfect size. The mitt doesn’t absorb any of the product you you aren’t wasting anything. It flawlessly blends product and never leaves streaks! The mitts are made of a super soft micro-sponge. They are super stretchy! I am not sure how else to describe how they feel but they remind me of a scuba diving wet suit! These mitts are also easy to clean. Simply run under hot water, gently massage with a little soap, and lay flat to dry! Obsessed with these.


6. Suave Visible Glow Self Tanning Body Lotion

I bought this on a total whim and didn’t know Suave even made self tanning products! I was immediately impressed at the consistency and scent of this product. The lotion isn’t thick or oily so it doesn’t make you feel sticky! The scent is light and summery/floral, barely noticeable. I love this product because of the great color it builds in just 3-5 days! When I use this everyday people always notice my glowing tan skin. Gotta love when someone says your legs look so good!

$12.95 SHOP NOW

I hope this post was helpful for those trying to achieve tan, glowing skin this summer! Do you have a self tanning product I need to try out??? Let me know in the comments below. I’m always looking to try new products!

xo, Chloe