Graduation Dresses 2019

It’s graduation, wedding, and party season, which means if you’re in my current situation, then you probably need about 3 dresses for special occasions. I’m graduation college on May 19th, 2019! Soooo EXCITED TO WALK ACROSS THAT STAGE. Finally. Everything we’ve worked for since the first day of Pre-K has lead to this moment. I’ve worked my big boo-tay off to be where I am today. It is going to be so freakin’ satisfying to be done…for now!

So whether you’re walking across the stage from middle school, high school, or college graduation, or even attending a graduation party, or brunch, I have got you covered. Whatever stage of life you are in, you deserve to feel great on your special day. These are huge milestones in our lives as we begin to open the next chapter. Spring and summer are also wedding season which means lots of wedding parties or even baby showers anyone?! As we head into the final weeks of school and the spring season, I’ve rounded up some dresses that are sure going to make you feel special on your exciting day!

xo, Chloe