Shop By Trend: Beachy Jewelry

She sells seashells by the seashore! And she is me! I just love the look of pretty shell jewelry mixed with golds and fun summer colors. The seashell jewelry trend is here to stay and will certainly ramp up this summer. Fashion insider and women’s fashion director at Moda Operandi, Lisa Aiken, says that: “Shells are one of those things that feels like the memento you brought home from your holiday…There is a memory attached to it. That's why I think this trend has staying power.” And we ain’t mad at it! Isn’t it fun looking like a nautical beach goddess all summer long? I certainly will be rocking some of these pieces this summer on my trips. Whether it’s Palm Beach, The Hamptons, or just in your hometown, you can rock these beach-y vibes stacked on your neck, wrist, or dangle them from your ears!

The friendship bracelet-esque bracelets make me feel super nostalgic of my summers at camp and long road trips to Cape Cod with my cousins. We’d tie and weave friendship bracelets with bright beautiful colors and designs during the long car ride up to the Cape, probably while listening to a Hannah Montana album. It wasn’t a successful summer without having a whole stack of colorful homemade bracelets up my wrist leaving a tan line there when I’d cut them off at the end of the summer! While spending a week of my summer vacay in Ocean City, NJ with family, I would search the boardwalk shops for the best shell necklaces while my little brother would opt for an edgy shark tooth to proudly display on his neck. Ahhh the memories!

Shells have always been like little momentos of the vacations we have spent as a family. My mom still keeps a giant beautiful baby pink conch shell that we found on the beach in St. Kitts (in 2007!) on the mantle in her living room. Now we can get that similar feeling of summer holiday fun by sporting our shells as fashion pieces.

Everything about these bright baubles with pretty shells and other nods to summer makes me love and appreciate all the summer traditions!

Checkout these beachy treasures!


xo, Chloe