Pajama Party: Sleepwear Essentials

Every woman needs nice pajamas, but most importantly, they must be comfortable! Nothing says I’m an “adult” with my “life together” like a cute pair of pajamas. They instantly make you look a little more presentable even on your worst hungover morning! I love a good girls night out and I’m always the first one up in the morning making breakfast for everyone. I used to be the huge t-shirt and shorts kinda girl but now I’m OBSESSED with cute matching PJ sets. I love a super soft, luxurious, and chic pajama set that make you feel like a real sophisticated grown-up. Even though I still feel like I’m 16 years old. As soon as I get home from my day, get all my priorities out of the way, and take a shower I literally crave the moment I can slip into my sassy pajamas and park myself on the couch for a night of watching KUWTK or Real Housewives. Wine and/or snacks included!
Some of my favorite memories are of my mom doing one of her weekly night time baking sessions, in her pajamas! My mom always finds the coziest yet chicest sets. She usually pairs them with fuzzy socks or slippers too.

In all honesty though, I think of pajamas as a form of self-care. As mentioned before, a nice pair of pajamas not only feels great, but it also makes you feel really pulled together! When I go on vacay with my boyfriend’s family or with friends I always bring pajama sets. They are also essential if you’re ever doing an overnight somewhere, staying with relatives, renting a beach house with friends. You’ll look presentable in front of others in the morning, even if you haven’t showered and fixed your hair yet. Plus there is nothing better than doing face masks and sipping wine with your girls in your pajamas. Cause we all deserve a comfy night in at least once a week!

If you take pride in your sleepwear game like I do, you can shop all my favorites and top-picks below! My ultimate favorite, because of how soft and comfy they are, are the Eberjay & Nordstrom Lingerie (as pictured above) pairs. Buttery soft, but also breathable enough to sleep in.

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What are your favorite forms of sleepwear? Let me know in the comments below!

xoxo, Chloe