Kourtney Kardashian's Favorite Cleanser and New K-Beauty Finds

Peach & Lily Skincare Review - simplychloesarah.com

As you may know, I’m totally Kardashian obsessed. I just think they are the best boss bitches and I love how close they are with each other. In this recent video from Vogue.com, Kourtney Kardashian showed off a gentle, skin-loving cleanser that she has incorporated into her skincare routine recently. The cleanser is the Peach and Lily Power Calm Hydrating Gel Cleanser and I just had to order it! I’m totally into any type of skincare products that are all about calming or hydrating the skin. I ordered the cleanser and also a bunch of other products that sounded good for my skin and I thought they’d be worth checking out. What makes this brand even better now is that I just discovered the sell it in Ulta stores and online! Gotta love getting those points ;) Sooo, I can now thank Kourtney for putting me on to this amazing skincare brand! It’s female ran and only sells high-quality skin care products.

I will be reviewing all the items I tried from Peach & Lily over the last two months. SO excited about this because my skin has been really loving these products.

1. Peach and Lily Power Calm Hydrating Gel Cleanser

I love a gel cleanser in the morning, specifically after a workout. This cleanser is so gentle and didn’t leave my skin dried out or thirsty. It contains soothing chamomile and camellia, which make this smell nice and not strong and really gives some TLC to your skin. It even gets off any light makeup you may have leftover on your face after removing your makeup. Kourtney loved this because of how soothing it is for your skin, especially if you tend to wear makeup every day. I will be repurchasing this cleanser because I am OBSESSED with how soft, supple, and glowing my skin looks and feels after using this for about a month. BTW, this product comes out as a clear gel but lathers up into a soft, milky foam as you cleanse your skin. Super nice!!!

Available at Ulta.

Peach & Lily Skincare Review - simplychloesarah.com

2. Peach Slices Citrus-Honey Aqua Glow Gel Moisturizer

This is SUCH a great light-weight gel moisturizer for my oily. sensitive skin girls! I love this for summertime (and i’m sure this is great in the spring too!) for my combo skin. I tend to be dry on my cheeks but oily in the t-zone and forehead. I noticed that this moisturizer seriously balanced my skin texture ALL DAY. I love this! Not only does it smell really light and fresh, but it feels fresh and clean on the skin. Yum! If you have very dry skin, this product may not give you the day-long hydration you might need but I think it works for almost all skin types. You also get A LOT of product and they sell this in CVS!!! You gotta order this product because your skin will thank you.

Available at CVS.

3. Peach and Lily Sheet Mask Trio

This sheet mask trio comes with 3 different sheet masks: Chubby Cheeks (a gentle but effective anti-aging mask), Reset Button (a nourishing and soothing sheet mask), and Good Skin Day (a hydrating, nutrient-rich sheet mask). I have officially tried them all and I LOVED THEM ALL! I decided to start doing a “Mask Monday”, which will be a highlight on my Instagram stories very soon. All three did not cause any irritation or breakouts for my skin so I’m very pleased with that. Each contains really clean and skin-loving ingredients so my skin was feeling healthy and soft after using. After using sheet masks I always jade roll with the product left on my skin and really let my skin soak in the ingredients. My favorite jade roller is by Herbivore, available at both Nordstrom and Sephora. Wherever you prefer to earn your points ;)

PRO-TIP! Leave your sheet masks and jade roller in the fridge for an hour before using and you will love how refreshing they feel. The de-puffing benefits are AMAZING.

Peach & Lily Skincare Review - simplychloesarah.com

Of the three masks, Reset Button is my ultimate favorite! I followed the directions and left this on for 20 mins. My skin felt hydrated and SOFT! I was experiencing a lot of weird bumps and texture recently and this helped them go down quite a bit. I think my skin was truly annoyed with me because I was overtired, stressed, and not exactly eating right recently, so this was really the “reset button” I needed to get my skin to bounce back.

Available at ShopBazaar.

Peach & Lily Skincare Review - simplychloesarah.com

I hope you found this post helpful in your skincare journey!! Let me know what you think!

xo, Chloe