This Blair Waldorf Approved Hair Trend Is Back...Hello Headbands!


It’s like Blair Waldorf reigns over the upper east side all over again, and I’m totally here for it. I love all these beautiful headbands I’ve been seeing on instagram, in stores and online. From beautifully embellished padded headbands, encrusted with pearls or precious stones, to shimmering silks and soft velvets, your locks will be so honored to be pulled back with these headbands on the market right now. I am just loving a fun, eye-catching headband right now! The bigger the better TBH! The thicker padded headband add some kind of a 60’s or 70’s nostalgic feel that I love so much. The more embellished or patterned headbands give me ultra glam-girl on vacation vibes. Definitely effortlessly cool! Whenever I put on a pretty headband it basically feels like it’s a crown and today is my coronation day. Hahahaha okay maybe I’ve just been watching a little too much of The Crown lately but STILL. When ya look good, ya feel good! Plus, you also don’t even have to do your hair well because a headband instantly amps it up to looking totally FASH-UN. If you have tons of hair like me, you’re probably confused by the title of this post because the headband trend probably never left for your side. But for those who want to hop on this hot trend, you can shop some of my favorite headbands right now below!


xo, Chloe