My Trip Through Southern California

My favorite trip ever! When I graduated high school I took a fabulous trip to Orange County area in California with my older sister Samantha and my mom, Leslie! The reason we were in Orange County to begin with was because my mom went to the National Alopecia Convention! She has had Alopecia Universalis since I was very young. I don’t really remember my mom NOT switching up her wigs every other week. I am glad she has learned to embrace it instead of be ashamed. She is such an incredible woman! (I will make a whole post about her soon! I could go on and on for hours about her) Anyways, we stayed at the Marriott in Anaheim for two nights before wanting to see more ~trendy~ spots. We of course stopped in Venice Beach and Santa Monica for some fun photo ops. They were more touristy but definitely something I wanted to see since I had never been to Southern California! Below are some pictures from that day!

Because we are Marriott members, we were able to move for two nights to the Marriott Renaissance Club Sport hotel located in Aliso Viejo! Which was absolutely amazing. We wanted to see as much cool areas as possible for this trip. Luckily, my sister studied hospitality in school and currently works for the Four Seasons! So we had a fantastic guide to all things hotels, restaurants and tourism.

I highly recommend staying at a Marriott Club Sport if you are into wellness and fitness like we are. Upon arrival, the employees are energized and decked out in Adidas uniforms! Our room even came with complimentary 5 pound dumbbells to use at our pleasure! The hotel lobby had a fabulous gift shop full of amazing workout wear, even Lululemon! I was sure to indulge in some luxuriously soft loungewear by Spiritual Gangster. The lobby also has complimentary fruit and various different types of detox waters and coffees. The most impressive part about the Club Sport is that its actually part fitness club for those who live in the area. The area is home to many tech guru’s and Silicon Valley type people. Many would valet their Teslas out front and head to their fusion yoga class. The lobby even has a full service smoothie and protein shake bar where you can build a custom post-workout drink. The gym facilities were extremely impressive. There were tons of machines of all types, many open spaces for free weights or HIIT workouts. There is a large basketball court that my sister and I battled it out on. Also, three squash courts that we also got into a very tense game in. The food was also impressive because it was mainly health oriented, which I genuinely appreciated!

Before arriving in Aliso Viejo, we decided to make a trip to Calabasas because hello! KARDASHIAN COUNTRY! We are avid fans of KUWTK. So naturally we went to Calabasas Town Center and walked the areas that we have seen the Kardashian/Jenner clan roam in various paparazzi shots. Before shopping we found delicious smoothie bowls at SunLife Organics. Seriously recommend SunLife for all your smoothie needs, BTW! There are many cute boutiques we made our way through before driving around to see the beautiful rolling hills of Calabasas decorated in mega-mansions.

During the next day, we explored Orange County more. We made sure to stop in Crystal Cove for lunch at Babette’s, Fashion Island for some shopping, and then made our way over Laguna Beach. Laguna is absolutely stunning with its rich sense of creativity, relaxation and beauty. My sister, being the hospitality guru she is, suggested we go get dessert and cappuccinos, and watch the Laguna sunset, at the Montage Laguna Hotel! And boy was she right! The Laguna Beach sunset was unlike any sunset I had EVER seen in my life. It was pink and purple! The Montage Laguna is famous for its gorgeous landscape and views of the ocean. One day I want to have my wedding there, OMG! The waitress who helped us for dessert and coffee was awesome and also of course was a hospitality student. Everyone in California, who was from there, and found out we were from Connecticut would be like: “Wow! What a long way! Is it cold there?” This CT girl is so eager to return to the area one day. I mean come on!! Look at those sunset pictures!


Our final two days were spent in Beverly Hills of course! (Pictured above!) I am a lover of all things luxury and bougie as this kids say. We stayed our final nights at the JW Marriott in downtown LA, right overlooking the Staples Center! Just to our luck, the BET awards were that previous night before we arrived and I got to see Ciara leaving her hotel! She has the most beautiful hair! That day we strolled down Rodeo Drive and did lots of shopping. My favorite was getting dinner at Miss Lisa Vanderpump’s restaurant Villa Blanca. Obviously, I’m a big reality TV fan and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is my fave! Gotta support my girl Lisa! Beverly Hills is fun for bougie dining and pretty photo op’s. Definitely bustling with tourists like myself, but definitely a fun spot to go! Unfortunately I didn’t spot any celebrities either. Below is a curated gallery of some of the food I ate! The healthy food was in abundance and I was in my prime state!