My Glossier Heros

Glossier Heros -

The Low-Down:

Glossier’s mindset revolves around the saying “Skin first. Makeup second.” and I couldn’t agree more! This brand is all about come as you are, have fun with your look, and you don’t have to follow beauty standards. I love that every product can be applied with your fingertips if you want, which I DO! Glossier’s make up products aren’t the “fix”, they are the FUN part of beauty. They also take skincare, and good for you ingredients, into account every time they create a product. A brand that actually cares about their customers and creates products around the customer’s needs is a brand I can get behind! Not to mention, Emily Weiss (the CEO and total girl boss behind the brand) has curated a gorgeous, aesthetically pleasing brand that isn’t following typical beauty or business standards. Hell yes for innovation! In addition, their products are great quality and aren’t overpriced. I personally feel really “seen” by this brand because it matches my beauty preferences to a T. I don’t like heavy makeup, but sometimes I do if i’m in the super glam mood, and that’s OKAY! They have stuff for that too. But most days, I like quick, easy, pretty makeup that doesn’t take too much time to apply and isn’t hard to remove at the end of the day, and that’s what i’ve found in Glossier products.

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So now let’s get into the nitty gritty of each product I’m very much obsessed with lately!

Glossier Heros

1. Boy Brow - $16 [SHOP]

Definitely my favorite tinted brow gel right now. I go back and forth between this one and the Benefit ‘Gimme Brow’. I love how this keeps my brows looking full and fluffy, but tamed at the same time. If you have thick, curly brows like me, this is the product for you! I don’t need to fill my brows in much with a pencil because they are naturally really thick, so a tinted brow gel is typically all I need most days. Glossier describes this as an eyebrow “fluffer and shaper” and fluff and shape it does! This makes my makeup routine super quick because all you need to do is give your brows a brush with this little thang and they will look POPPIN! I wear shade Brown.

2. Super Stretch Concealer - $18 [SHOP]

This is my favorite concealer and considered a ‘hero product’ for many reasons. The main reason being how hydrating, yet lightweight, this product is for your under eyes. Some concealers can be extremely drying and flake up under the eyes throughout the day, but not this guy! This one is so smooth and hydrating, so much so that you can apply this with the tip of your ring finger and tap this into your under eye area to cover any dark circles you may have. It’s great to use on redness or any blemishes you want to cover because it is so creamy, it doesn’t make those blemishes look more noticeable or crusty. The worst is when a concealer actually makes your pimple look more distracting because it kinda just dries it up and makes it look flaky. This will not do that to ya! This is a QUALITY concealer that does not crease and provides great coverage. I wear shade G10.

3. Generation G Sheer Matte Lipstick - $18 [SHOP]

I have the shade ‘Crush’ and wow, I got a crush on this! At first I was a bit skeptical because this is a matte lipstick. I didn’t think this was too drying, and I have naturally dry lips! I typically use the Balm Dot Com (listed below) underneath this or dabbed on my lips over this for a little added shine and moisture. I love how pretty their shade range is for this lipstick. I was looking for something that looked like I was just eating berries and that is exactly what I got with the shade ‘Crush’. So cute!

4. Balm Dot Com - $12 [SHOP]

I already have two of these delicious and hydrating balms. They are truly as they are named, the BOMB-dot-com!!! I usually just love a good swipe of Aquaphor across my lips during the day but this stuff is a great step up from that because first, it’s cute as hell. Second, it smells beautiful without being overbearing. And third, this product provides great moisture to dry lips. You can even put this on dry, cracked hands or cuticles. I also like to dab this on my nostrils when I have a cold and i’m all irritated from using tissues so much LOL ugh! End of summer, beginning of fall cold season has begun. Some of these Balm Dot Com’s are tinted and they give the cutest little flush of color to the lips. I personally love the light pink tint to the rose scented one! I have flavors Coconut and Rose.

5. Glossier ‘You’ Perfume Solid - $22 [SHOP]

OMG! This this LITERALLY the best scent for anytime of year. I personally prefer a slight 'musk’ scent around fall and winter time but I’ve been wearing this in August and i’m totally obsessed. It smells so beautiful, young, and feminine but has a hint of maturity to it that makes me feel very adult! It just smells RICH. Just like a fancy cool girl. Order this and you will not be disappointed. It’s great that it’s a solid because you can dab this on the back of your neck, your wrists, your arm pits, wherever the hell you want to smell great! I got sooo many compliments the first time I wore this to work. I was extremely impressed with how the scent lasts all day! Definitely a staple for my beauty kit.

In Conclusion:

Glossier Heros ~

Great products that are easy to apply and give you that fresh-faced, it-girl vibe. There are still soooo many more products i’m dying to try from Glossier. They are opening a popup shop in Boston soon so that will be my perfect opportunity to pick up a few more products like their cheek tint / cloud paint, the cult-favorite Milky Jelly Cleanser, the Haloscope aka the dreamiest cream highlighter, and a few more Generation G matte lippies wouldn’t hurt either ;)